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LoadStarŪ TV

LoadStarŪ TV is an abbreviated version of Teledyne's LoadStarŪ program, developed to load software parts into Teledyne Controls' Portable Data Loader with mass storage memory, PDL-615/MSD.

With LoadStarŪ TV and the PDL-615/MSD you can eliminate the need for floppy disks at the aircraft. All of the loadable software for your entire fleet is stored in the PDL-615/MSD's memory. Loading from memory instead of floppy disks decreases the load time by as much as 50% and frees the operator to perform other tasks, instead of inserting multiple disks for large loads.

LoadStar stores a master fleet configuration for all the airplane types and permits the tool room desktop computer to store a library of all Loadable Software Parts (LSPs). At the single press of a button, the operator can command LoadStar TV to survey the PDL-615/MSD's library to download the latest parts. LoadStar operates on Windows XP.

All new PDLs have built-in mass memory. They only need the LoadStar application program to organize and install a library of LSPs.

Hundreds of Portable Data Loaders (Rev A and Rev B) restricted to only floppy disks are still in use worldwide. These units can be upgraded with the latest software, LoadStar TV and mass memory hardware found in our PDL-615/MSD.

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