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ACMS Tester

Test and Verify ACMS applications on your PC before uploading to the Aircraft

Teledyne Controlsí ACMS Testerô is a PC-based solution to test and verify the functionalities of ACMS applications prior to loading them onto a Teledyne data acquisition unit (DMU, iDMU, FDIMU, etc.). Through a highly intuitive and easy-to-use interface, the software simulates the environment of the data acquisition unit, allowing the user to test the customized ACMS applications, and instantly verify the ACMS changes before loading them to the equipment. This solution results in significant time and cost savings.

With the ACMS Tester, operators can compose and run scenario files to simulate events, trigger reports and generate recording files. They can also send uplink commands and navigate through MCDU screens via a user-friendly, Windows-based interface that can create the equivalent of a full ACMS lab test station.

The ACMS Tester relies on ACMS application build files that are generated by the Teledyne AGS IV or AGS95 software tool. In addition, the ACMS Tester depends on the userís PC TSS, (Target System Software), which can be obtained through Teledyne for each of its data acquisition units.

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