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ARINC 615A Data Loader Software

The Complete Data Distribution Solution that Transfers
Large Data Loads from DVD or Website to Aircraft LRUs

Teledyne's ARINC 615A software performs Upload, Batch Upload, Download, Search and information data loading operations for up to 15 multiple targets simultaneously. It's highly integrative and accepts direct uploads from removable media such as floppy disks, USBs, CDs, or PCMCIA Cards. The software also includes a Parts Importer application, which enables high-volumes of Software Part (SP) Uploads and Downloads to be saved to/from the software's internal mass storage to a data loader.

Simultaneous Batch Loads
The software identifies multiple target systems and uploads batch files into the current media set and loads the right, left, and center FMS simultaneously. To automate the loading process even further, the operator can define and perform up to 15 simultaneous upload operations while watching each operation's load progress on the software's load status interface.

Converting ARINC 615A to ARINC 665
ARINC 615A loading requires SPs to be ARINC 665 formatted. Incompatible parts can be converted with Teledyne's LoadStarŪ ATSU add-on software which prepares the parts for loading. Part conversion is necessary in order to identify the target system and provide CRC validation.

ARINC 665 Parts Importer Program
An alternative to the LoadStar ATSU software is Teledyne's ARINC 665 Parts Importer Program, which provides an easy method to transfer physical ARINC 665-1 and ARINC 665-2 media into an electronic format for Importing into a PC/Laptop.

LoadStarŪ Interface Connectivity
For added configuration control of SPs, Teledyne offers two remote software options to interface with the ARINC 615A data loading software: LoadStarŪ or LoadstarŪ Server Enterprise (LSE). These configuration management software packages enable operators to configure SPs from their desktop to manage the fleet's entire software library. LoadStar configures SPs by LRU (Line Replaceable Unit), aircraft type and customer part number and distributes them through the ARINC 615A software's high-speed Ethernet link to a data loader, such as Teledyne's PDL-615/MSD, which enables maintenance to perform multi-disk or electronic data loading quickly and automatically.

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