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Aircraft Wireless LAN Unit
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Aircraft Wireless LAN Unit

Extend The Reach of Your Network with Global Cellular and WiFi Connectivity

Teledyne Controls' Aircraft Wireless LAN Unit is a compact lightweight and cost-effective networking solution that provides high performance, off-board wireless connectivity for Onboard Network System (ONS) applications while on the ground. The Aircraft Wireless LAN Unit provides 3G/HSPA+ cellular connectivity, as well as a Wi-Fi option.

Standard Cellular Connectivity

The AircraftWireless LAN Unit solution includes two HSPA+ modules with downlink speeds (toward the aircraft) up to 21 Mbps and uplink speeds (away from the aircraft) up to 5.76 Mbps. It also provides fallback capability to HSPA. EDGE and GPRS. The Aircraft Wireless LAN Unit solution offers truly global connectivity, operating both in the 3G and GPRS/EDGE frequency bands.

The cellular antenna(s) are attached tD the unit 1M1ich eliminates the need for fuselage-mounted antennas. The Aircraft Wireless LAN Unit system leverages Teledyne's decade of experience with cellular connectivity, sharing the same technology as the Wireless Groundlink8 Comm+ system. a proven solution in commercial seNice at many airlines 'NOrldwide, and certified on all major aircraft types.

Optional WiFi Connectivity

Also available with a Wi-Fi option, the Aircraft Wireless LAN Unit system provides an ARINC 822 compliant IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n radio capable of operating in the 2.4 GHz frequency band. This Wi-Fi option is compliant with the latest relevant IEEE and ARINC standards.

System Integrity and Reliability

The Aircraft Wireless LAN Unit device is not repackaged ems equipment but purposefully built for avionics use. It features the same hardware platform thatTeledyne's Network Extension Device (NED) and Network File Server (NFS) relies upon, thus sharing the same environmental characteristics and obsolescence management required for the components of the DNS. This makes it a logical choice 1M1en extending the DNS onboard network to off-board wireless L.ANs and WANs.

System Integration and Management

The Aircraft Wireless LAN Unit is a versatile system that can be connected directly to the ONS via a SOAP interface. It is also 615A data loadable via the ONS interface.

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