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Easy MDDU Replacement for Streamlined Data Distribution

An easy replacement of the now obsolete MDDU (Multi Disk Drive Unit), Teledyne Controls’ enhanced MDDU (eMDDU) greatly simplifies the distribution, onboard storage and management of loadable software applications and databases across an airline’s operation, by facilitating data transfer between ground-based computers and onboard avionics equipment.

Automated Electronic Distribution
The eMDDU eliminates the need to reproduce, distribute and load countless floppy disks monthly. Software Parts can be quickly uploaded using a single USB memory stick or Teledyne’s GroundLink® Dataloading system. This complete solution wirelessly transmits Software Parts directly from the LoadStar® Server Enterprise (LSE) ground system to the eMDDU internal mass memory. It also returns loader activity information and data downloaded from aircraft equipment to the ground.

Convenient Onboard Data Storage
Another benefit of Teledyne’s eMDDU is its internal mass memory, which provides ample storage space onboard the aircraft to retain all required aircraft Software Parts, including applications and databases. This not only alleviates searching for software media during line operations, but it also allows the entire contents of the aircraft’s software binder or data vault to be carried and stored electronically on every aircraft, facilitating LRU replacements and reloading at any location.

Superior User Experience
Selecting desired Software Parts, initiating loads, and monitoring the load progress is easy with the eMDDU’s large full color screen, line-select keys and status indicators.

The eMDDU performs ARINC 835 compliant digital signature validation to provide the operator Software Part security validation, integrity checking, and source authentication that is transport mechanism independent.

Easy Installation
The eMDDU is a plug-and-play drop-in replacement for the Airbus MDDU and for existing ARINC 615-3 onboard dataloaders. It does not require modification to the existing aircraft provisions. The eMDDU has EASA and FAA approval for installations.

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