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Flight Data Interface Management Unit (FDIMU)
For Airbus Aircraft

Mandatory Compliance, Aircraft Condition Monitoring, and Data Recording:
3 Functions in One Single Unit

FDIMUWith thousands of units in service and nearly three quarters of the Single Aisle (SA) and Long Range (LR) Airbus forward fit market, Teledyne Controls’ Flight Data Interface Management Unit (FDIMU) is the industry standard for data acquisition on Airbus aircraft. This compact integrated data acquisition and recording system is available for installation on the A318/A319/A320/A321 and A330/A340 aircraft families, allowing operators with multiple aircraft types to utilize the same ACMS technology and programming tool across their fleet.

3-in-1 Unit
Teledyne’s FDIMU combines into a single unit the multiple functions of traditionally separated systems. It performs the functions of a Flight Data Interface Unit (FDIU) for mandatory data acquisition, a Data Management Unit (DMU) for engine/ aircraft condition monitoring, and a Digital ACMS Recorder (DAR). This compact system can literally replace up to three LRUs, allowing operators to reduce weight, wiring and rack space for significant savings on initial equipment costs.

Extensive Flexibility to Process all Required Aircraft Parameters
The FDIMU is a state-of-the-art hardware and software solution which offers extensive flexibility, enabling users to specify the parameters they need for flight data monitoring, maintenance and operational efficiency, without the artificial constraints typically imposed by traditional data management systems. The purpose of the FDIMU is to acquire, condition, record and process all required aircraft parameters, and output them to one or two DFDRs at up to 1024 words per second (wps) to satisfy regulatory requirements. In addition, it can output a copy of the DFDR data to an external Quick Access Recorder (QAR), interact with cockpit displays (MCDUs), generate ACMS reports and send them to the printer, the ACARS/ATSU, the data loader and the Internal Recording Device (IRD) via PCMCIA interface. The FDIMU can also output user-defined parameters and ACMS reports to an external DAR such as Teledyne’s GroundLink® Comm+ system, in addition to the internal IRD.

Highly Efficient and Lower Cost Seamlessly
The FDIMU integrates with existing onboard equipment, giving airlines greater insight into their fleet's performance and operation. Today, the FDIMU is recognized as the most efficient and reliable system on the market, helping operators benefit from fewer system failures, less down time and lower costs.

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