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MDAU (Modular Data Analysis Unit)

HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System), which enables the constant monitoring of helicopters dynamic components, has proven to be an invaluable tool in enhancing safety and supporting maintenance in both commercial and military environments. By continually monitoring helicopter status through event recording and analysis, operators can significantly reduce risks of accidents and operating costs through quick and accurate failure localization.

Teledyne's HUMS MDAU (Modular Data Analysis Unit) provides the core component of the on-board HUMS avionics system. The MDAU carries out all the data acquisition processing and storage functions on the aircraft. It collects continuously aircraft condition and status data from the on-bard sensors.

The Modular Data Acquisition Unit contains:
  • Vibration Analysis Computer card
  • Control and Storage Computer card
MDAU Key Features
  • ED55/56A cockpit voice and flight data recording
  • Vibration monitoring of drive train and engine
  • Full integration of the RADS AT Rotor Track and Balance System including rotor fault diagnostics
  • Electronic log book data including power assurance
  • Monitoring and capturing of aircraft limit exceedances
  • Immediate health status available at the aircraft
  • Power assurance check
  Benefits of HUMS
  • Reduced non-revenue maintenance flights
  • Reduced operating liabilities
  • Insurance savings
  • Log book accuracy
  • Reduced false removals
  • Engine and fuel savings
  • Reduced helicopter maintenance
  • Improved dispatch availability
  • Reduced mission aborts
  • Reduced spares
Now accepting orders for Teledyne Controls' MDAU.
Please contact our Sales Administration Department for further information on ordering the HUMS MDAU.

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