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Terminal Cellular Unit (TCU) for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The Teledyne Controls Terminal Cellular Unit (TCU) provides an Avionics Maintenance Off-board feature that allows airlines to use existing cellular ground infrastructure for airplane data uplinks and downlinks at the gate, as an alternate option to the existing WiFi TWLU (Terminal Wireless LAN Unit) connection that the 787 currently provides as part of the baseline. The TCU is offered as a Cabin Systems Equipment or Customer Selectable Equipment (CSE). The TCU incorporates advanced 3G/4G HSPA+ radios, enabling the use of new cellular technologies as they become available. Each radio drives its own TCS chassis-mounted cell antenna, eliminating the need for an external, fuselage-mounted antenna and its associated airframe modifications.

Global Leader in Aircraft Cellular Communications
The TCU is a derivative of Teledyne's fifth-generation Aircraft Wireless LAN Unit (AWLU), which is Type Certified on the Boeing 777.

Flexible SIM Card Management
The SIM cards for the TCU are externally accessible and are managed and changed by the airline under their own control. Additionally, the SIM quantity is dependent on the airlines’ needs and is determined by the network availability in the area the airline operates. The ease of SIM management is one area where TCU customers will benefit greatly from Teledyne’s cellular system experience.

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